HEVC/H.265 Codec Analyzer

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Supported Format H.265 Byte Stream Format, TS, MP4
Supported Profile Main, Main10, Format range extensions
Tree display NAL Unit [Partitioning Unit]
Slice RBSP
·Slice Header
·Slice Data
[Display Contents]
Access unit information
Video parameter information
Sequence parameter information
Picture parameter information
SEI parameter information
Slice Header information
Picture Unit [Partitioning Unit]
Slice Header
·Picture Parameter Set
·Sequence Parameter Set
·Slice Data
[Display Contents]
Decoded image
Slice header boundary
Picture parameter information
Sequence parameter information
Function Overview CTU, CU, PU, TU partitioning Display
Slice, Tile partitioning display
Intra mode display
Motion vector display
Quantization coefficient display
Reference picture list index display
Coded bits graph display
Buffer analysis
Merge mode display
Analysis of multiple files(Batch processing)
Conformance checking

Operating Environment

OS Microsoft Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (64bit) (SP1)
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise (64bit)
CPU Intel Xeon processor with 4 cores or more, 2.6GHz or faster
Intel Core i7 processor with 4 cores or more, 2.6GHz or faster (Recommended)
Memory 16GB or more is recommended
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